Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an innovative new procedure available to dental patients in Las Vegas, NV looking to achieve a healthy, long-lasting smile. The field of dental science has advanced so dramatically recently that patients in Las Vegas are now able to undergo restoration treatments that utilize the latest in dental technology. Mini dental implants at Ronald R. Taylor, DDS in Las Vegas, Nevada are just one procedure that offers patients an alternative to more traditional tooth replacement options.

Men and women who have required dental restoration treatments in the past may be aware that there are safe and effective dental implant treatments currently available in Las Vegas, NV. However, technological advancements have brought about new and improved treatments such as mini dental implants. These implant treatments may work better than their more traditional counterparts for some patients depending on certain individual factors. Knowing the difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants will help to determine which tooth replacement treatment at Ronald R. Taylor, DDS is best for you.

Mini dental implants are quickly gaining popularity in Las Vegas and across the country because they provide immense advantages to patients—both during and after the implant treatment. The mini dental implant procedure is quick and virtually painless, and can often be completed in a single visit. Traditional implants, while offering patients the same stable, long-lasting results as MDIs, require a lengthy process that can be painful and often requires downtime.

In addition to helping Las Vegas patients with damaged, broken or missing teeth, mini dental implants can also help those who are currently relying on removable dentures for tooth replacement. Removable dentures often become loose and ill-fitting over time, which can lead to irritation and frustration. Undergoing the treatment for mini dental implants at Ronald R. Taylor, DDS in Las Vegas, NV can anchor dentures, offering patients the ability to eat and speak with ease while effectively eliminating any irritation.

Patients in Las Vegas will be amazed by how easily mini dental implants are able to secure and stabilize dental prosthetics for the look and feel of naturally growing teeth. If you are currently dissatisfied with your smile, a consultation with Dr. Ronald R. Taylor will help to determine your best options for restoring your naturally beautiful smile.

Visit Dr. Ronald R. Taylor today and see the difference with mini dental implants.