Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Las Vegas, NV

Are you currently suffering from excruciating dental pain? Do you fear you need tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV? Dr. Ronald R. Taylor is here to help you with all your tooth extractions in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll find that, whether you have teeth that are decayed, damaged or broken and beyond repair, for the most up-to-date techniques for tooth extractions in the Las Vegas area, Ronald R. Taylor, DDS is the place to go. Let Dr. Taylor remove those problem teeth and eliminate the pain for good with the very best in tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV.

Tooth extraction procedures in Las Vegas, Nevada generally involve several important steps. The first involves administering a local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the spot from which the tooth will be extracted. A general anesthetic could be used in some cases. This is usually when a number of teeth are being extracted in one visit or when wisdom teeth are being removed.

Next, for removal of the affected tooth, Dr. Taylor will expose and remove any bone under the gum tissue that covers the tooth. The next step is separating the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone, and the last step is the actual extraction of the tooth. Extraction could be difficult in some cases due to the size of the tooth, so breaking it into more manageable little pieces could aid in extraction. Also, in specific cases, patients might need stitches following tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV.

After tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV, it only takes a few days for the recovery period. Where necessary, Dr. Taylor will prescribe pain management medication with aftercare instructions for a speedy recovery. If you’re in pain due to an abscessed or broken tooth and live in the Las Vegas area, you might want to consider calling Ronald R. Taylor, DDS about an extraction. Don’t suffer needlessly when you can simply pick up the phone and schedule an appointment at Ronald R. Taylor, DDS, offering the most painless tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV.